Upcoming Suzuki Maruti S-Cross 2017

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In 2015, Suzuki releases brand new Suzuki Maruti S-Cross, and now, in 2017, Suzuki planned to release a brand new design for this super SUV car, Suzuki Maruti S-Cross 2017. Compared with many other SUV cars from Suzuki, this car is a middle-classed car, with amazing outer design, gorgeous interior, along with the superior engine. Even though this car had quite amazing performances, and design, the marketing for the older versions of Suzuki Maruti didn’t go well. In many countries, including Asian countries like India, Malaysia, or Indonesia, Suzuki Maruti didn’t really popular, and lose too many other competitors such as Toyota Hilux, or Daihatsu. Well, Suzuki planned to break this lose, and they planned to release a brand new Suzuki Maruti, and this car is planned to release in late 2017. Will this car become popular and can compete well with other competitors? or this car will just like its older versions?

The Performances And Interior Of Suzuki Maruti S-Cross Cars

Suzuki tried to host a styling, performances, and new features in this upcoming car, hoping to strike the car’s market with striking, brand new Suzuki Maruti S-Cross 2017. Back in 2016 Paris motor show, it was the first time Suzuki show off this car, and we can see a lot of changes and adjustment from Suzuki, such as the new sleek, and drops look, with a touch of cool design, make the newer Maruti looks bolder. The headlights of this car are now distinguishable, and also had LED fitments.

This car had smaller diesel tank. The older version had a 1.6-litre diesel engine, while this car had only 1.3 diesel engine. Some people wonder why Suzuki adjust the diesel engine and make it smaller. This car is also equipped with a smart hybrid engine, making them fuel efficient, eco-friendly, but also had really good performances. Well, if you want more interesting upcoming car reviews, leakage, and the first facelift of the car, then visit us in