Types Of Headache And Its Differences

Some of you might do not know about the facts that headache is divided into some types. However, it would be good if you decide to learn about some types of a headache to understand more about this illness. If you are going to know about some of the headache’s types and learn about each one, you also better to know about some differences of those types. If you are curious about those types of a headache, please read the following paragraphs for more information about some types of this kind of illness.

Types Of Headache You Want To Know

If you want to know about some types of a headache, you can find the answer in the following list. So, be ready and pay your attention.

  • A tension Headache

With this kind of a headache, the patients might experience the pain in moderate type. It is something like tense pain and very tight in pressure. You have to know that this headache does not relate with vomit and nausea, but the patients sometimes become more sensitive to light and also noise.

  • Cluster Headache

It is a very painful headache and sometimes it is only one-sided painful. Then, you also have to know that people who experience this pain usually suffer from about 10 minutes and the worst is until 3 hours.

  • Mixed/Mixed Tension Headache

This headache is the combination of a migraine headache and also tension headache. For the symptom, the patients could experience the sensitivity of light and sound. It also can cause vomiting and nausea.

  • A sinus Headache

The location of this headache is behind or around your eyes. It is usually also on the bridge of your nose. You also can experience the pain in the area of your cheeks.

  • A migraine Headache

This kind of a headache might be the most familiar to you. You might experience some pains in the partial sides of your head.

Those are the information for you about some kinds of a headache that people can experience. Read more information about a headache in