Top 2 Best Albums 2017


Tubidy mp3 is a website where you can download various songs from various countries and artists. It is a website where you can download songs for free and it is easy to use. Listening to the music is one of most favorite hobbies for many people. They listen to the music anytime and anywhere. In this modern era, you can listen to the music from your smartphone. Years ago, people still used Walkman to listen to the music. With smartphone or iPod, you can download songs and listen from them. We will recommend you 2 best albums in 2017.

Best Albums 2017 On Tubidy Mp3

The first album which makes it to the top 50 albums on Tubidy mp3 is Ctrl SZA. The album was released in June 2017. Ctrl, which can be pronounced as ‘Control’, is her debut album. The most popular singles from the album are Drew Barrymore, Love Galore, and The Weekend. SZA participated a lot in this album. Before she makes debut as a singer, she often composed a lot of song for other artists. Actually, she already debuted years ago with some EPs. However, all of them failed to enter the chart. As the name suggests, SZA inspired by the lack of control in her life. She said that this album is the way to satisfy herself.

Who doesn’t know Jay Z? One of the best rappers in this world makes his comeback through his thirteenth studio album at the end of June this year. Although his affair with another woman makes people angry at him Jay Z can get his image again with 4:44. Singles from this album are 4:44 and Bam. This album received a good review from critics. Jay Z put a lot of personal and emotional content on this album. You can download both Ctrl and 4:44 album on Tubidy mp3. Check other albums on