Time to Concern on Eyes Condition

A healthy body is the most important thing that we have. In a healthy body, there must be the healthy lifestyle. One of the most important that should be concerned is eyes health. Nowadays, the using of the gadget is on a higher level. There is no day without the gadget. It happened since gadget becomes the most important and most used thing in every part of human’s life. However, there is some effect on overusing gadget. One of them is eyes health problem. To avoid some risk of eyes problem, you have to do some ways to maintain your eyes to be healthier.

How to Maintain Your Eyes in Healthy Condition

There are some ways to maintain your eyes in healthy condition. First of all, you have to eat well for good eyes. You have to consume some nutrients like lutein, vitamin C, zinc, and omega-3. These nutrients will help to defend against vision problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. For the best nutrients, you can consume green vegetables, oily fish like tuna and salmon, beans, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits, pork, and also oyster. After that, if you are a smoker so you have to quit smoking since it will trigger macular degeneration and your optic nerve problem.

Then, don’t forget to take your sunglasses as protection from UV rays. You can choose eyeglasses that can block 99% to 100% of UVB and UVA rays. If you prefer wearing contact lenses, so you can choose contact lenses that have UV protection. Next, you can also take some steps to protect your eyes while you are regularly sitting in front of the computer. You have to make sure that your eyes have the same level with the top of your screen monitor. To avoid high lights on the screen, you can use the anti-glare screen. Take a rest for every 20 minutes.