Roles Of Shrimp For Healthy

The body needs a lot of nutrients to perform various activities. One source of nutrients that you can use is shrimp. Shrimp is one of the animals that live in water. This animal became one of the ingredients that have a delicious taste. Many dishes use shrimp as its main ingredient. To be able to buy shrimp, then you can buy it from the shrimp suppliers. Indonesia is one of the tropical countries have a suitable shrimp farming. No wonder there are many shrimp farmers that you can find in Indonesia. Some shrimp farmers are able to produce high-quality shrimp so often used as shrimp exports.

Roles Are Owned Fresh Shrimp From Shrimp Suppliers

When you find a shrimp in a shrimp supplier, you can get a variety of important shrimp roles that will benefit your health:

  1. Shrimp as a source of vitamins

Vitamins as one of the important compounds that must be owned by the body. There are so many vitamins present in nature. Some of which you can find on shrimp. The vitamins contained in the shrimp are Vitamin C 3%, vitamin A 4%, 5% vitamin B6, 5% vitamin E, 19% B12, 38% vitamin D, niacin, and some other vitamins.

  1. Shrimp as a mineral source

Not only contain vitamins only, it also contains many shrimp minerals that will help the body function to be better. One of mineral content that exists in the shrimp is Selenium. This one mineral will be useful to prevent cancer growth. Not only selenium, shrimp also contain other minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and various other minerals.

  1. Shrimp as a source of omega 3

Omega 3 becomes one of the essential fatty acids that will give a lot of positive influence on your body. Omega 3 serves to keep the cardiovascular health. Thus, then you will have a healthier heart. Not only that, omega 3 will also help improve brain development.

Similarly, some roles are owned fresh shrimp from shrimp suppliers. To get a lot of other information then you can visit the site