How To Ride Elephant Properly?

For some people, elephant ride Bali is one of their important bucket lists. However, right now there is a campaign to not ride elephant by animal lovers and experts. If you go to Bali, you can see many billboards which promoting elephant rides or shows. Not many travelers know that the elephant in this world is captured and trained to perform in shows or accept riders. In some cases, the trainers will abuse elephant. For your information, the elephant doesn’t have strong backs so it is not a wise thing to ride them. Some animal experts said that adult elephants can only support 150 kg on their back. They can move with that weight for only 4 hours per day. Compared with Thailand, the elephants there works for eight hours per day. Sometimes they carry two riders at the same time. Luckily, this is not happening in Bali.

Proper Elephant Ride Bali

Elephant ride Bali always use lighter bamboo seats. In Thailand, they use metal seats which add an extra 50 kg. Elephants in Bali are living well. They have enough water, healthy food, and place to sleep. In Bali, you can enjoy a proper elephant ride without harming these animals. Many trainers in Bali train them well so they can accept riders or perform in shows without abuse animal’s right. It is not a sin to ride an elephant in Bali since everything is okay here from training, food, and animal care.

Many tourist sites who provide elephant ride in Bali are retaining better method and maintenance to keep elephants and tourist happy.  If you are interested to do elephant ride Bali, make sure to wear lightweight clothing to make elephant comfortable to take you. You can also bring a towel just in case you want to bathe with elephants. And don’t forget that, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Enjoy your ride.