Keys to Healthy Body Everyday

Do you know to be healthy is not always about exercise and eating fruits? There are more good ways and specific ways to always healthy. You just need several things to eat. Well, it is still about fruits but not all of them is fruit. You know, it is like the golden keys of the healthy body every day. So, you should take a note and get the information for you and family.

The Several Golden Keys to Healthy Mind Every Day

The first list of these keys maybe you ever heard about it so often; however, it is really important for your health. Here are the keys:

  1. Eating an apple, a day for no doctor.
  2. Consuming one Tulsi leaf per day for no cancer.
  3. Consuming one lemon per day for no fat. This fruit is very magical for the body but if you have a problem with your stomach, you may skip this fruit and get other alternate fruit.
  4. Drinking one cup of milk per day for no bone problem.
  5. Drinking three liters of water per day for no diseases.

So, you know how the apple and water are very important for your body. You should not skip the other keys as well. If you are a vegan and not drinking milk; you can find any other alternate for the bones needs like calcium needs and zinc. You will find many alternatives to milk for vegans anywhere. You may find it on other sources or website page.

Other than those keys, you need to have a good lifestyle without drinking alcohol or soda. It will be better if you know how to choose the right foods based on your nutrition needs per day. You may calculate your calories needs as well to help get the best foods and drinks every day.  The last, do not forget to always do exercise.