Important Things About Kroger Survey

Kroger survey is a survey for customers in the USA about the stores under Kroger. By this survey, the company tries to increase their quality based on the customers’ opinion. Of course, in taking the survey, the company will spread the codes through the receipt that the customers get from the transaction that they did. Then, there will be sweepstakes as the price for those who are lucky to win the draw. Before joining the survey and enter the sweepstakes, the following information will be important to remind you about some facts that related with the survey. So, read the following information for better understanding about this survey.

Kroger Survey And Its Important Notes

In joining this Kroger survey and the sweepstakes, you have to get your highlight because of some important things. Those important things will be concluded in the following list.

  • The survey is free. There is nothing that needs to be purchased. So, be aware of any scammer that might offer you advance about the survey, but actually, all things related to the survey and the sweepstakes is free.
  • It is only open for the legal residents of United States. However, it is excluded from Rhode Island, Florida, District of Columbia and also New York.
  • It is only available for those who are above 18 years old. So, when you decide to join the sweepstake, make sure that you already fulfill this requirement.
  • Make sure that you are the real customers and do not have any relation with Kroger as the employee and the other types of relationship except as customers.

Those things might sound simple, but you really have to consider some important things before you enter the survey and also the sweepstakes. To help you in joining the survey, you can find more about the guides.