Healthy Recipes Of Ground Beef

Health careWhat do you think about ground beef? Maybe it will remind you of hamburger and other fast food, won’t it? As it is known that fast food is unhealthy food so that you are not recommended to eat them too much. Many people who eat this unhealthy food than face various health problems even the serious ones like cancer and heart diseases. However, you can still eat ground beef in healthy ways! How comes? Of course by cooking it with healthy recipes.

Check The Healthy Ground Beef Recipe Out Here!

If you are curious enough with what healthy recipes you can try with ground beef, below is the explanation you can read.

  1. Meat Loaves with Potatoes and Corn

To begin with, you can try the recipe of meat Loaves with Potatoes and corn. One thing you need to remember is you should use sweet potatoes since it has more vitamin A and beta-carotene. Of course, it will make your dish healthier rather than make the ground beef for burgers. This recipe indeed is recommended enough to be served for breakfast meal. The complete nutrition in the recipe is the reason why you can try the recipe at home for your family.

Ingredients: Lean ground beef, white bread, salt, pepper, parsley, egg whites, corn kernels, red potatoes, and butter

  1. Cheddar Sliders

If you want to try another recipe, cheddar slides can be the right choice. In this case, this recipe is so recommended for those who are the cheese lovers. The use of cheddar cheese, of course, will make the dish more delicious. The ground sirloin here also makes it so lovable to be cooked. About the recipe itself, actually, it is a good idea when you serve it for dinner or lunch.

Ingredients: Ground sirloin and white pepper, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt, paprika, onion powder, potato rolls and cheddar cheese.