Healthy Living Way For Muslims

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was created by Allah as an example and an example for mankind of all nature. Prophet Muhammad has various perfection, among which is his honesty even recognized by his enemies though. In addition to honesty, he also has nature, behavior and good words. His services are numerous for mankind, one of which is the abolition of a system of slavery, even an American writer named Michael H. Hart put the Prophet Muhammad in the first position in his book, 100 Most Influential People in the world. One of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad is a healthy lifestyle. He has only been ill twice in his life, when poisoned by a Jewish woman and when near the end of his life.

Is It So Hard To Maintain Health?

Of course, maintaining health is not difficult, Prophet Muhammad as a role model has given a healthy life. He only eats halal and good food, such as fresh sea fish, tin fruits, olives, dates, grapes, pomegranates, honey, meat, milk and grains such as wheat. In the morning, He breakfasts with a glass of water mixed with a spoonful of native honey. In addition to maintaining endurance, honey can also be a cure for various diseases. Judging of the ability of health, honey can wash the stomach, heal constipation, inflammation, hemorrhoids, and stimulate the intestines. At night, he used to eat vegetables that contain substances that can increase endurance and body health. Vegetables also contain fiber that can digestion.

That’s a healthy Islamic style tip that is a very simple outline and not difficult to do in everyday life. For a devout Muslim, living a life like this is no longer an extreme thing to do. Not that those who do not do this are Muslims who are disobedient, but sometimes follow the little things that the prophet Muhammad does is included as obedience.