How to Get a Healthy Weight Loss

Losing body weight is a quite challenging task, especially if you are on the obese spectrum already. Rather than losing weight quickly, gradual weight loss is much healthier. Thus, we will elaborate several suggestions on how to lose weight healthily.

Tips to Lose Weight Healthily

You can read some weight loss tips on the list below:

  • Use smaller bowls and plates: using smaller bowls and plates can help you to reduce your calorie intake. Gradual use of small bowls and plates help you to get used to smaller portions of food without feeling hungry. Make sure to eat slowly as your body need at least 20 minutes to tell your brain that you are full.
  • Read nutrition facts on food labels: learning on how to read a nutrition fact is very important to help you selecting healthier food. By understanding how much calorie inside certain food, you can try to fits them into your meal plans without excessing the daily calorie allowance.
  • Choose foods containing high fiber: fiber is a great help to make your stomach feel full thanks to its bulky texture and characteristic. Most food that contains high fiber also have lower calorie, which means you can feel full without consuming too much calorie and maintain your daily calorie intake under control. The food that is considered high fiber are peas, beans, brown rice, wholegrain bread, oats, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Drink a lot of water: our body often confuse thirst as hunger. Thus, by consuming a lot of water, you can also control your calorie intake while maintain your kidney’s health.

The list above already explain some suggestions that you can use as reference to lose your weight gradually and healthily. It is recommended to visit a dietitian near your place and discuss your diet plan with them for a successful weight loss plan.