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Milkfish is one type of sea fish that is often used as food. Milkfish can be processed into various types of cuisine that can arouse our appetite. The reason why banding fish is consumed by society is that milkfish has tasty taste and its meat structure is not easily destroyed. But fish are also a lot of thorns or bones contained in milkfish. It makes people think that milkfish is quite dangerous if consumed because it can be choked by the durian, other than that milkfish also has the smell of mud. This will affect the quality of meat flavor, therefore as Indonesia milkfish suppliers need to handle the fish so that when it comes to the hands of the buyer will be able to feel the pleasure.

Products From Indonesia Milkfish Supplier

Various weaknesses of the milkfish itself make the buyer worried, we as an agent Indonesia milkfish suppliers provide the best quality milkfish so you do not need to feel reluctant again to be able to consume this milkfish. The price we offer as a fish agent also certainly will be in accordance with the quality of our products. Where some of our products include: fresh milkfish, we provide fish recently captured from the waters, of course, we will also guarantee the freshness of milkfish that we provide with various sizes and quality, can be tailored to the wishes of the buyer.

Secondly, we as the agent of Indonesia milkfish suppliers also provide frozen milkfish. In addition to fresh milkfish, we also provide milkfish that have been frozen. Frozen milkfish fish usually we sell for the benefit of import and export exports to other regions. because by using a freezing system and quality of milkfish will be more awake and more durable, especially for long-distance delivery. In addition, we also provide a banding fish without thorns. Unicorn banding fish is a kind of processed raw milkfish is done by removing or removing the spines and bones in the milkfish.