How To Download Canon Camera Software?

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Some Canon digital camera nowadays has built-in Wi-Fi functionality. This feature can eliminate the need for a physical interface cable when you want to connect it to your own computer. This Canon software is necessary whenever you want to transfer and load pictures from your camera. By using this software, you can transfer many pictures from your camera to your PC even if you’re not near it. The important thing is you should connect to the same Wi-Fi access point or router as your PC. The devices will detect and communicate each other. If you need this feature, you should download the software first so you can manage the connection and transfer the pictures and videos from your camera to your PC wirelessly.

Installing Canon Software

When you want to install Canon software, the first thing that you should do is select your download location on the website. The page will list all countries where the software can be download and install. After that, filter your product. You can filter this by four different list filters which are “Product Category”, “Product Series”, “Product Model”, and “Type of Document”. This step will lead you to get the correct software. After the filter, you need to select your PC system. You directions be guided to a page where you should choose the appropriate operating system for your PC.

Then, download the camera software by clicking on this “Download” button. You have to insert your camera’s serial of number to download this video. Canon will verify the number if it is a valid Canon digital camera. You can locate the number from its box or fro, the camera itself. After you enter the serial number, the download will begin. When the download process finished, install the Canon software and follow the instructions to complete the installation. You can download the software from