Diesel Car Is The Most Popular

diesel car newsCars that use diesel engines so far are still in the eyes of the eye by the consumer, this is because diesel car news has been impressed and imagined directly on the car public transport, trucks, buses and others that produce black smoke and can pollute the environment by the carbon emissions as well as diesel engines imagined can result in significant sound when it is running. However, in the present age along with the increasingly sophisticated technological developments presented diesel engines in the increasingly refined cars and do not produce harmful carbon emissions. Here are some world class cars that use diesel engines.

Toyota Kijang Innova As The Best Diesel Car News

Vendors from merk Toyota have now issued a car with already been using diesel car news that is all new Kijang Innova consisting of three variants of the car, namely G, V, and Q. market segmentation has changed which was a car with diesel engine has a price below the present average this Toyota Innova Deez has been filed with a luxurious look, and the amount is devoted to the upper middle class. Where the design concept of the Toyota Kijang Innova gives the impression of a luxurious and sturdy, in addition to the exterior side of a total change becomes more elegant from the fascia to the back area.

Interior design on this car also adopt a model like a living room or living room, so it is very comfortable to travel far and will not feel was going because it will feel like being in the house itself. Toyota Kijang Innova with diesel car news consists of several variations of the machine used; some use 2 GD FTV engine four cylinders in line, 16 valve DOHC with 2400 cc intercooler VNT. When viewed about the efficiency of raw materials, this Innova deer has been designed to be a reasonably economical car. Diesel engines that exist on this vehicle have a functional specification, so it has a sufficiently high price.