Do you know to be healthy is not always about exercise and eating fruits? There are more good ways and specific ways to always healthy. You just need several things to eat. Well, it is still about fruits but not all of them is fruit. You know, it is like the golden keys of the healthy body every day. So, you should take a note and get the information for you and family.

The Several Golden Keys to Healthy Mind Every Day

The first list of these keys maybe you ever heard about it so often; however, it is really important for your health. Here are the keys:

  1. Eating an apple, a day for no doctor.
  2. Consuming one Tulsi leaf per day for no cancer.
  3. Consuming one lemon per day for no fat. This fruit is very magical for the body but if you have a problem with your stomach, you may skip this fruit and get other alternate fruit.
  4. Drinking one cup of milk per day for no bone problem.
  5. Drinking three liters of water per day for no diseases.

So, you know how the apple and water are very important for your body. You should not skip the other keys as well. If you are a vegan and not drinking milk; you can find any other alternate for the bones needs like calcium needs and zinc. You will find many alternatives to milk for vegans anywhere. You may find it on other sources or website page.

Other than those keys, you need to have a good lifestyle without drinking alcohol or soda. It will be better if you know how to choose the right foods based on your nutrition needs per day. You may calculate your calories needs as well to help get the best foods and drinks every day.  The last, do not forget to always do exercise.


The bedroom is one of the most comfortable zones in your home. You start your day in your bedroom, then end your day in the bedroom too. So, make your bedroom to be the cleanest one is a must. As the most comfortable zone, the bedroom has to be the healthiest room. Although you will only in your room for some hours, still you need to keep it healthy. Bedroom can impact your performance. That is why it is highly recommended to check in your bedroom again. Is your bedroom healthy enough as the source of your energy day by day?

Get Your Bedroom Healthier and Cleaner

Clean is not enough to make your bedroom become a source of your energy. You need to make your bedroom even healthier. So, what should be done to get healthier and cleaner bedroom? First of all, you have to wash your sheet routinely. Since sheets in your bedroom are the most usable thing, you have to keep it clean by change and clean it routinely. By changing and washing the sheets, it will help you to get more protection for your skin while sleeping. You can also even use the kind of healthy protector for your mattress to keep your bed even cleaner.

Secondly, you have also make sure that there is no dust, clutter, and other mess in your bedroom. Dust and clutter lead to some health problem like asthma. It is even dangerous when you already have asthma but your bedroom is not clean as well. So, make sure that you clean every corner of your bedroom to get rid of clutter and dust. Moreover, you can also take deep cleansing for certain part in your room like under carpet. Just use a deep clean recipe which will help to get rid any dirt, dust, or junk on your carpet.


Have you heard about rosacea? Maybe some of you just have heard this term, right? It is actually one of the diseases which will attack the face skin of the patients. This disease is actually rare enough because it commonly attacks those who are in the middle age. About the symptoms itself, redness on the cheek and swelling are the common ones. After that how about the medicines for this disease? Actually, for the medicine that will cure 100% Rosacea haven’t been known. However, there are some essential oil recipes for rosacea that can be tried.

Some Essential Oil Recipe For Rosacea

As having been known that essential oil has various benefits for human health and one of them is for rosacea. In this case, there are many kinds of essential oil that you can try to reduce the symptoms of this disease. For instance, is chamomile oil from chamomile plant flowers extract. If you use this oil, your pain caused by the redness can be relieved. Of course, it is a good idea because you don’t need to feel the pain of rosacea. Antibacterial properties in chamomile help the patients to prevent a worse condition actually. The patients just need to use cotton for applying the oil.

Besides, there is rose oil having the same function as chamomile that is to helps the symptoms of rosacea worse. Made of extracted fresh rose, this oil contains anti-inflammatory and also a septic properties needed so much for the condition of rosacea. For a better result, you are suggested to add to carrier oil before you apply this rose oil. The fragrance also can help you to relieve depressing too. In short, those are two essential oil recipe for Rosacea that you can choose, for others info website will give you the best info.


Your body can be down anytime. You may wake up then feel like your throat in sore when you need to do a presentation in the office later on. You may get your body like throw up because of nausea at night that make you cannot sleep. Or you may get a fever after that downpour that you cross without an umbrella on the road.

Natural Remedies to Ease Nausea

When you get nausea, there is ginger that you can use as a natural remedy to ease the problem. In this case, you can infuse enough ginger into hot water. You can simply crush the ginger and then drink your water to ease nausea. Ginger also has the anti-nausea property that is very effective to deal with nausea that appears because of pregnancy or surgery.

Natural Remedies to Soothe Sore Throat

There is no doubt that there will always be garlic in your kitchen. It is surely a good thing that you never run out of garlic in your kitchen. To treat a sore throat, you can simply press some garlic cloves into a cup or a glass of warm water. Then, gargle with this remedy twice a day to cure your sore throat. It has an antimicrobial property which is able to fight pain that is caused by bacteria like how your sore throat may come.

Natural Remedies to Reduce Fever

When you get a fever, there is linden flower tea that you can use to reduce your problem. In this case, Linden flower tea is able to stimulate hypothalamus so that it can control the better temperature of your body. Moreover, it also has the ability to dilate blood vessel such as sweating. To use it you can simply steep one tablespoon of this dried herb into a glass or cup of hot water. Then, sip the tea. For better result, drink the tea three cups daily.


Do you have problem with your armpit or your other dark part of your body? It is very common to get those problems since long time ago. You are not alone and you will get help here. The dark armpit will make you less comfortable in your daily activities. Especially if you often show your armpit because of the outfit you wear every day. Do not worry; you will get the tips of getting natural bright armpit here.

How to Make Armpit Brighter and Smooth Naturally

You know several products that promise you to help brighten your armpit. However, are they work well on your or not? They are mostly chemical and it is not really good for your skin. If you want the naturally bright and smooth armpit; you better use the natural ways as well. How?

  1. Lemon

You could use lemon as your main ingredients to brighten your armpit. You just need to get the juice of the lemon and apply it on your armpit. Wait for half hour and you can cleanse it with warm water. You should do this routine twice a week at least.

  1. Honey

Honey is your second option to brighten your armpit. You can use it directly on your armpit before you take a bath or shower. Do it routine as well and you will see your armpit getting better, smooth and bright. You can mix this honey with lemon for better result.

Thus, those are the ways of making your armpit brighter in natural ways. You should know that your clothes are important to make your armpit darker or not. You better do not wear too much dark or black cloths. Especially if the fabric is not really good. The black color of the fabric will make the armpit even darker than before.


There are many places for you to get the health care because many people know that health is important. Many people also cannot be healthy again because they have damaged their body so it is unable to make their condition is the same as before. That is why from now on if you have realized that health is important, you must check your condition to know about your medical result. And by this, it makes you can avoid many things that will make your condition will be getting worse because of it.

Do Some Health Care Activity?

If you check your medical result, it says that the condition of your kidney is bad; you must check more about your kidney because it will prevent you from getting a serious disease related to the kidney. During your daily activity, it is a must for you to for not to consume food and drink that will make your kidney condition is worse. For instance, you must reduce your coffee consumption and it is a must for you to try to stop smoking. If you always smoke and always drink coffee, in a matter of time you can get the serious disease in your kidney.

Not only kidney but it is all part of your body that is important for you. So, if you know that your condition is not good and your doctor warns you about this, you must pay attention to your body if you care about it. Do not forget to check your condition to make you know that your activity with your health care can affect your condition or not. If it is not affected by your condition, it is better if you change your health plan, so it can make you be healthier than before. You can also avoid serious disease if you apply with the best health care plan.


A healthy body is the most important thing that we have. In a healthy body, there must be the healthy lifestyle. One of the most important that should be concerned is eyes health. Nowadays, the using of the gadget is on a higher level. There is no day without the gadget. It happened since gadget becomes the most important and most used thing in every part of human’s life. However, there is some effect on overusing gadget. One of them is eyes health problem. To avoid some risk of eyes problem, you have to do some ways to maintain your eyes to be healthier.

How to Maintain Your Eyes in Healthy Condition

There are some ways to maintain your eyes in healthy condition. First of all, you have to eat well for good eyes. You have to consume some nutrients like lutein, vitamin C, zinc, and omega-3. These nutrients will help to defend against vision problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. For the best nutrients, you can consume green vegetables, oily fish like tuna and salmon, beans, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits, pork, and also oyster. After that, if you are a smoker so you have to quit smoking since it will trigger macular degeneration and your optic nerve problem.

Then, don’t forget to take your sunglasses as protection from UV rays. You can choose eyeglasses that can block 99% to 100% of UVB and UVA rays. If you prefer wearing contact lenses, so you can choose contact lenses that have UV protection. Next, you can also take some steps to protect your eyes while you are regularly sitting in front of the computer. You have to make sure that your eyes have the same level with the top of your screen monitor. To avoid high lights on the screen, you can use the anti-glare screen. Take a rest for every 20 minutes.


You know that bed bugs are very disturbing and causing a health problem. They cause many problems, besides on health, they also cause on the psychological and environmental impact. We are often annoyed when they come invading our house with the presence of so many and live a lot of our home furnishings like mattresses, sofas, curtains, clothes and so on. Their presences do not necessarily reflect the condition of home hygiene. They can easily move from one piece of furniture to the other. Although the bite is not too dangerous, of course, they will be very disturbing because of the rapid breeding.

How Do We Avoid Bed Bugs Invasion In The House?

Well, if your house is free from bed bugs now, it is good to strive for anything in avoiding their invasion before they come bringing some trouble. What you need to do is that to check all of your house furniture especially which is with a cloth. Later, be frequent to clean and sun the mattresses and pillows at least once in two weeks. Then, wash the pillowcases regularly using hot water. Hot water will also kill microorganisms that can interfere with skin health. After that, check all the space of the furniture. Then, if you are after staying at a hotel, it is good to wash all your stuff because their spreading is often from hotels.

In the way of preventing the bugs to come, so several efforts that you can apply before they come to your house. Because we cannot predict when they come and live on your furniture. Certainly, they will give you a lot of problems then. Because as we know that their appearance is not reflected by house condition whether it is dirty or not. To know more how we can do in avoiding bed bugs, you can visit and get more information to against them.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was created by Allah as an example and an example for mankind of all nature. Prophet Muhammad has various perfection, among which is his honesty even recognized by his enemies though. In addition to honesty, he also has nature, behavior and good words. His services are numerous for mankind, one of which is the abolition of a system of slavery, even an American writer named Michael H. Hart put the Prophet Muhammad in the first position in his book, 100 Most Influential People in the world. One of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad is a healthy lifestyle. He has only been ill twice in his life, when poisoned by a Jewish woman and when near the end of his life.

Is It So Hard To Maintain Health?

Of course, maintaining health is not difficult, Prophet Muhammad as a role model has given a healthy life. He only eats halal and good food, such as fresh sea fish, tin fruits, olives, dates, grapes, pomegranates, honey, meat, milk and grains such as wheat. In the morning, He breakfasts with a glass of water mixed with a spoonful of native honey. In addition to maintaining endurance, honey can also be a cure for various diseases. Judging of the ability of health, honey can wash the stomach, heal constipation, inflammation, hemorrhoids, and stimulate the intestines. At night, he used to eat vegetables that contain substances that can increase endurance and body health. Vegetables also contain fiber that can digestion.

That’s a healthy Islamic style tip that is a very simple outline and not difficult to do in everyday life. For a devout Muslim, living a life like this is no longer an extreme thing to do. Not that those who do not do this are Muslims who are disobedient, but sometimes follow the little things that the prophet Muhammad does is included as obedience.


Health care

Do you like to move your body and feel so fresh all day? There are several types of busy nowadays. It is not busy who move the body often only but also the busy of sitting while thinking or do anything else. Office people with a full-time job will be a busy people who will rarely move. You should know it is not good for you who never move your body or passive physically. You will need to move for the sake of health. See the importance as follow.

You Should Move Your Body More Often

Moving your body is like making your body always active and work well. You know it is like you have shoes but never wear it and only save it in the cupboard. Then, you will set the shoes is rotten and damage faster than you wear it. You know, it is not easy to only take care the shoes without wearing it as normal. It is like your body that needs to move and use it should be. Your body will be paralyzing soon if you do not use the body often. Using the body too often will not damage it but thru opposite; you will make your body healthier and fresh. Then, you know what I mean, right?

You should give a little time for a day to move. You just walk and do some move to make your body active and fresh. Afterward, you can continue to do your business without disturbance. So, what move do you do this day? Do not skip it again and be healthier from now on. Love your body like you love your job. Tell your friends who are too much love to not move and stay in the same position for hours. He or she can be healthier and gorgeous if moving.


Health care

Are you a vegan and need to know more about it? Well, some people have trough many things in their life to be vegans. Some people have been vegetarians for a while and then try to be vegans. You are good to start the good thing in your life. If you still worry about your decision; you can continue to read this article and see if this a good decision or not. Ok, you will find several tips and information about vegans in the paragraphs as the following.

How Vegans Beginners Start The New Life

You will find many odd things around you related to the foods and fashion. Ok, about the fashion maybe you will never find any animals cruelty like the fur on the coats. However, you will still need to calm yourself about the foods. If you used to be the meat lovers such as chicken the white meat or beef as the red meat; you should know that staying away from them is not easy. Since you have to stay away from any animal’s things such as milk, eggs, cheese, a cake made with eggs and cheese and so on. You will not use anything related to animals. Then, what should you do?

Ok, as a vegan, it is your risk to always find the foods with an animal in it such as cake or even a salad with mayonnaise. You should start to cook your own foods and find the best vegans restaurant around your place. Some restaurant will give you the best foods with the identical meat taste but it is not meet at all. So, what do you think? You just need to be more concern with anything you eat and drink. Ok, you can start it slowly but surely. Good luck and I wish you will be a good vegan.


Health life

It is no secret that washing hands has become one of the essential things to do when we want to maintain our health. We need to wash our hands regularly to make sure that our hands be free from any germ and bacteria which may lead us to illness and other problems. As the most part of our body that may likely to spread sickness, there is no doubt that we need to wash it regularly to prevent any problem. Now, here are some things you must do and don’t when washing hands.

Things You Must Do And Don’t When Washing Hands

Let’s start with the things that you must do when you wash your hands. First, you must wash your hands every time you prepare foods or before eating. To make sure that our dirty hands contaminated our foods, we must wash it first before we prepare our meals or before we have meals. Second, you must also wash your hands before you treat wounds, give medicine or care someone who is sick or injured. The reason is similar to the first one. Next, you must wash both of your hands before you insert or remove your contact lenses as well.

Then, what should we do not do when it comes to washing hands? You should not wash your hands without applying bar, powder or liquid soap. It is always better to use soap when you are washing your hands. Moreover, you must not scrub your hands on some parts only. You must scrub all your hands surface to make sure that there is no part that is not cleaned well. Afterwards, you should not turn off your faucet by using your hands after washing hands. If possible, you can use a towel or simply use your elbow to do the duty.


Health tips

It is not debatable that people awareness related health increase as the fear to be suffered because of certain diseases. To aim this goal, people develop many things such as taking healthy foods, doing regular exercises, arranging rests well, and sometimes they also try new solutions called consuming herbs in their daily lives. For Indonesian people, however, are very familiar to consume herbs daily. They believe that herbs contain some important materials to support health, the difference between herbs and chemical medicine is that herbs have fewer side effects so that they do not need to worry taking these materials render.

New Habit of Consuming Herbs

In common, the habits to consume herb can be found by the ancestors who drink a traditional drink called Jamu in many times before. However, these traditional herb drinks are made by cutting the herbs into small pieces, boiling the herbs to let the important content releases. After that, they need to separate the residual and liquid. It is very easy to find Curcuma or tamarind drinks in their environment no matter would that means. They believe after consuming this drink, the health is better than before.

On the other hand, today some industries develop a new method of packaging herbs. They consider by taking herbs into liquid forms will make it have a short shelf life. Thus, they need to eliminate water component. As the result, the formation of herbs extract or capsule can be found easily today. Through this new form, people also have ore easiness to take it daily. They will obtain the functions in very easy ways since they only require taking the pills or water into the extract once they want to have it. Through this thing, the health can be supported in very easy ways. Lots of selection of herbs are also available in the case to meet people expectancies related to this need.


Health careTaking care of your health is something that can be done through many ways. Having the right schedule to do some exercises, eating the right meals and having enough sleep can be the basic things that you have to do to keep your health in good term. Yet, sometimes we need more support to make our body get stronger in doing our activity. Vitamin C becomes the answer to things that you also need for your health. This Vitamin will give the good support for your body so that taking the right amount of Vitamin C in your day can be a good decision.

Vitamin C’s Benefits for Health Care

Vitamin C is easy to be found in some fruits like leafy greens, oranges, grapefruits and the other kind of fruits. Some vegetables and also lemons are also the source where you can get enough amount of Vitamin C. The role of Vitamin C itself for your health is not a new secret. People already know that this vitamin is very good for our health. For example, to take care of your flu and cough, you can get the cold and hot lemons and combine it with honey. It would be a good treatment for some illnesses.

Enough existence of Vitamin C in your body might not directly be able to reduce some illnesses, but it can help you to increase your immune. You also can get the support to feel relieved with your respiratory. Moreover, having enough support of Vitamin C can help you to avoid some problems with your immune system. So, taking some fruits that become the sources of Vitamin C is something good for your health. So, what do you think about the importance of Vitamin C for your health? That’s all the information about Vitamin C for you.


Health lifeHave you ever seen someone who is in his or her late age but still has a gorgeous body? Many of them are actually a lover of water. They love to drink water and stay hydrated. There is no doubt that staying hydrated is very important for our body health. One of the reasons is because it is able to get out toxin from our body naturally. More interestingly, it is able to make our skin looks gorgeous and elastic. When we are talking about water, we should not forget about infused water.

The Benefits of Infused Water for Your Health

Then, what is actually infused water? Infused water is when you put various healthy ingredients in your water. It is more likely to add fruits to the water so that drinking water will be more enjoyable for us. It is highly recommended for those who do not like to drink the bland of clear water. Since we add several of fruits, there is a possibility that it will taste better and delicious. We just do not need to add sugar to the infused water because it may only make the fresh flavor of the fruit gone because it is changed by the sugar flavor. More importantly, it will be more beneficial that way.

Afterwards, infused water becomes a nice drink because it offers us a huge number of benefits. Let’s say that we add orange to the water. Not only keep us to stay hydrated, it will also make us getting the benefit of orange which is known to become a fruit which is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidant. Then, we can also get the benefit of other vitamins and minerals which are available on the fruit that we use to make the infused water. That’s all several benefits of infused water for health.