Lips are one part of the face that attracts attention. Healthy and pure red lips will add value to your beauty. Chapped lips are very disturbing the appearance of your lips, chapped lips identical to the state the sick condition. Dry lip also one of the unsightly lip. Many people are trying to moisten his lips with a lick. But it only wet the lips temporarily, even the wet lips can catch the dust around. Also, there are dark or blackened lips. Dark lips will certainly reduce your beauty level.

Red and Bright Lips As Charisma of Beauty

Lip beauty products such as Lipstick, can brighten and make the lips more red and beautiful. But excessive use of lipstick can make your lips dry slowly because in the lipstick there are various chemical contents. For an alternative use of lipstick, you can wear lip balm or lip gloss. Dry, cracked lips are common in some people, due to lack of vitamin C and lack of fluid (dehydration). Drinking water every day can prevent your lips from dry, cracked, and rough. To moisten the lips naturally, we can use natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, and lime. Natural ingredients can maintain skin cells that can brighten the lips.

The prohibition for women to brighten their lips is to smoke. Nicotine content which is contained in a cigarette makes the pigment on the lips becomes dark or black. In addition to the use of cigarettes, consumption of coffee or tea can also darken the color of your lips. Another thing that makes your lip look blackened is sun exposure. Alternative use of lipstick, such as lip gloss and lip balm are containing SPF can protect your lips from exposure to sunlight. Do not let dry lips or dark lips disturb your appearance. Always keep and care your lips to look beautiful every time.


Some of you might do not know about the facts that headache is divided into some types. However, it would be good if you decide to learn about some types of a headache to understand more about this illness. If you are going to know about some of the headache’s types and learn about each one, you also better to know about some differences of those types. If you are curious about those types of a headache, please read the following paragraphs for more information about some types of this kind of illness.

Types Of Headache You Want To Know

If you want to know about some types of a headache, you can find the answer in the following list. So, be ready and pay your attention.

  • A tension Headache

With this kind of a headache, the patients might experience the pain in moderate type. It is something like tense pain and very tight in pressure. You have to know that this headache does not relate with vomit and nausea, but the patients sometimes become more sensitive to light and also noise.

  • Cluster Headache

It is a very painful headache and sometimes it is only one-sided painful. Then, you also have to know that people who experience this pain usually suffer from about 10 minutes and the worst is until 3 hours.

  • Mixed/Mixed Tension Headache

This headache is the combination of a migraine headache and also tension headache. For the symptom, the patients could experience the sensitivity of light and sound. It also can cause vomiting and nausea.

  • A sinus Headache

The location of this headache is behind or around your eyes. It is usually also on the bridge of your nose. You also can experience the pain in the area of your cheeks.

  • A migraine Headache

This kind of a headache might be the most familiar to you. You might experience some pains in the partial sides of your head.

Those are the information for you about some kinds of a headache that people can experience. Read more information about a headache in


Many people have their health problems. From the simple health problems to the serious problems, you might have one of them. Everyone wants to live healthily and live their life to the fullest. But, when you got sick, your life goal is decreasing. It will be important for you to try something that will be suitable for your body condition. In this case, some of you might experience the spine problems and you want to get rid of it. But, do you know that yoga can be one of the leading solutions for healing the spine problems?

The Benefits of Doing Yoga for Spine Health

For you who have the spine problems, you might want to try a solution which is simple and will not burden you too much. In this case, considering yoga as one of the recovery solutions will be suitable for you who want to look for an alternative healing. So, here are some things you can do.

  1. Yoga will help you relax your muscle. It will make sure that your body is healthier after you do the yoga sequence for your everyday recovery. The process will take time but you will not only have your spine in a better condition but also your whole health condition.
  2. When you consider doing yoga sequence for your health, you can choose some movements that will be perfect for you. Some poses are suitable even for you who are the newbies in this exercise. So, you can step up in each level of the sequence.
  3. Yoga will not only heal the problems on your spine but also will recover your body. You will have a better body posture. So, you will have a healthy, perfect body after you do the yoga sequence.

Doing yoga is recommended for you who are hesitating the medical approach to your spine problems. It will be suitable for you who love doing something to balance your body and soul.


Well, it is true that losing weight is easier than losing fat. Do you prefer losing fat or weight? Those things are different. You can do both but it will need special diet program. However, if your purpose is only losing weight. It is very easy to do. Do you want to know the ways? However, if you let me tell you the good one is the losing fat one but if you insist, I can tell you the ways to lose weight in easiest ways.

How to Lose Weight in the Easiest Ways

You should know losing weight is easier than losing fat because you just lose your weight but maybe you still have more fat under your skin and blood. So, here are the tips for you to lose weight in the easiest ways.

  1. You should do urinate and defecate more. It will surely make your body lose some weight. You may prove it by yourself. You know the existence of those two things inside your body adding your weight.
  2. Then, you can do more physical activities. The physical activities will make you sweat more. More sweat you have produced will make your weight loss.
  3. Ok, it is also will work as well if you eat something that will make you sweat. So, what do you think? Maybe you will love to eat more chili?
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables but not the carbohydrate.

You know you need both greens and the carbohydrate. So, if you just avoid the carbs; you will get more problems in your body. So, it is obvious that losing fat is better than only losing weight. If you lose weight; you will gain weight in the same easy way too but not if you try to lose fat and gain more muscle. It will be healthier and better. Thus, that is all.


Taking care of your food consumption is something important for you. Diet is not only for those who need to lose their weight. However, diet is more important to get ideal body health by taking care of the meals that you eat every day. So, taking a good diet can be meant to take care of the meals that you eat in every mealtime that you have. For people who want to live healthier, taking care of their meals can start their healthy diet schedule. To help you to get the right schedule in diet, you can read the following paragraphs for more information about it.

Tips To Get The Right Diet Plan

If you want to get your diet plan in right way, you can follow the following tips for better diet plans. So, what are those tips?

  1. Consult about Your Needs

As already stated before, each diet might have different function and different purpose. So, make sure that you know what you want with your diets. If it is more related to your health issues, you better to consult it with your doctor first.

  1. Choose the Right Menu

After you consult to your doctor, your doctor might give you some advice in the meals that you have to avoid and the meals that you better to eat. There, you have to be wise for yourself by always pay attention to the menu that you eat.

  1. Remember Your Goals

If you want to have a healthier life by taking care of your meals, you have to make sure to keep your promise in doing your diet. Of course, it is for the sake of your own self. So, make sure to remember your goals, in every time you want to eat something that you have to avoid.

Those tips are not only helping you to get the right plan in diet but also to help you to keep the promise in dieting. So, what do you think about it? Are you ready to start your healthy diet?


Having acne scars might be burdensome for some people. It can disturb your appearance and you might get less confident with your appearance. As many treatments are considered to make the scars disappear, you might also find the best treatment for you. Side effects of laser treatment for acne scars, as the example of the effect after you treat your acne scars with laser treatment. Laser treatment is one of the best treatments for your acne scars. However, you have to know the side effects of choosing this treatment for your acne scars.

Understanding Side Effects Of Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

You have to know that this treatment is popular to be a treatment that can help you to reduce the acne scars on your face. However, this treatment also has some side effects that you have to know better. Here is some information about side effects of laser treatment for acne scars that you have to know before you take the treatment.

  • Reddish skin

Reddish is one example of the side effects of acne scars. After you do laser treatment, you have to know that your skin condition will not get back directly to the normal condition in short time. You still have to spend some more time to recover from the reddish you have.

  • Sensitive Skin

After doing the laser treatment, you have to be more aware of your skin, because sometimes your skin might be more sensitive to the sunlight. So, you have to cover your skin often and make sure to not spending too much time under the sun.

Those two effects are the example of side effects of laser treatment for acne scars that you can get. If you have those kinds of side effects, make sure you contact the doctor to consult about your problem. That is all the information for you about it.


It is not true that get rid a pimple is difficult. You can get rid the pimples easily if you know the ways. Here, I will share one good way to removes your pimples only for a night. You will see a pimple will be removed from the root so easily. So, do you want to know the tips now? You just need to prepare several things to do the “DIY” home remedy for the pimple removal.

Tips To Remove The Pimples With This Easy Recipe Of Home Remedy

A pimple is very annoying. They are ruining your face perfectly. The pimples usually appear on the face when you are on period or if you are too stressful. Maybe you cannot avoid a pimple appear on your skin because it is normal because of your hormone. However, you can still get rid the pimples as soon as it appears. So, how to remove the pimples from the root easily?

  1. You should prepare these things first: honey and cinnamon powder.
  2. You should prepare the container to place the three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  3. Then, you should mix them well until they become paste or clay.
  4. Afterward, apply the paste on your pimple before sleeping.
  5. Rinse it the next morning with the warm water.
  6. You will see the result but you should continue until two weeks if you want to remove the pimples from the roots.

Ok, those are very easy steps to get rid the pimples on your face. Maybe you will need more night not only a night if a pimple is too hard to remove. However, usually, you will see the result after a night. You will see a pimple a little calming down and the redness is gone. So, that is it. You may try the tips tonight.


Exercise is not only for running or walking out of your house. Exercise also does not always mean that you have to go to the gym every week. Exercise can be done based on what you like the most. You can do light exercise. For the simple on is jumping ropes. Although it seems simple, not all people can do it properly. In fact, there are a lot of benefits from jumping ropes. You will get healthier and have more body proportional. Besides, there are also some benefits which can be taken for jumping ropes. If you like it, so you can do this jumping rope into your routine exercise.

Benefits Of Jumping Ropes

As mentioned before, there are a lot of health benefits of jumping ropes. You can get healthier and more proportional as long as you do it in a proper way. Here are the best benefits of jumping ropes:

  1. You can build your agility and quickness
  2. Your bone density will be increased
  3. Your brain will be healthier
  4. You can burn more calories

All of these benefits are the best one since it will maintain your weight and another internal health benefit.

Tips To Do Jumping Ropes Properly

However, you still have to concern on some points while doing this exercise. Don’t just jump randomly since it will give you bad effect rather than healthy effect. Here are tips for jumping rope in the proper way:

  1. Do stretching before jumping ropes to make your body get used at first
  2. Don’t force yourself, so you need to take a rest if you feel tired
  3. Don’t jump right after eating since it will make bloating and vomiting
  4. Don’t let yourself get injured, so you have to know your limit to get good benefits from jumping ropes.

Losing body weight is a quite challenging task, especially if you are on the obese spectrum already. Rather than losing weight quickly, gradual weight loss is much healthier. Thus, we will elaborate several suggestions on how to lose weight healthily.

Tips to Lose Weight Healthily

You can read some weight loss tips on the list below:

  • Use smaller bowls and plates: using smaller bowls and plates can help you to reduce your calorie intake. Gradual use of small bowls and plates help you to get used to smaller portions of food without feeling hungry. Make sure to eat slowly as your body need at least 20 minutes to tell your brain that you are full.
  • Read nutrition facts on food labels: learning on how to read a nutrition fact is very important to help you selecting healthier food. By understanding how much calorie inside certain food, you can try to fits them into your meal plans without excessing the daily calorie allowance.
  • Choose foods containing high fiber: fiber is a great help to make your stomach feel full thanks to its bulky texture and characteristic. Most food that contains high fiber also have lower calorie, which means you can feel full without consuming too much calorie and maintain your daily calorie intake under control. The food that is considered high fiber are peas, beans, brown rice, wholegrain bread, oats, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Drink a lot of water: our body often confuse thirst as hunger. Thus, by consuming a lot of water, you can also control your calorie intake while maintain your kidney’s health.

The list above already explain some suggestions that you can use as reference to lose your weight gradually and healthily. It is recommended to visit a dietitian near your place and discuss your diet plan with them for a successful weight loss plan.


The stomach is also one of the organs in the digestive system where the food we eat will empty and process inside this organ. If the stomach organs of this one have problems, then the food we eat will not be digested properly. The kidneys are also vital organs that exist in the human body which has one important function that is able to remove acids and enzymes that can be used to digest food. So the health of the stomach is very important to be maintained, here are some tips that can be used as a step to maintain the health of this organ.

Some Easy Tips For Maintaining Stomach Health

As for some easy and natural tips that can be used as tips to maintain stomach health, including:

  1. Chew the food eaten until smooth

The smoother the chewed food the better is also for health, where when the food is chewed in the mouth by the teeth is quite smooth it will relieve the stomach been in destroying the food, so the work of the stomach is not too heavy and it is very helpful to maintain health from such vital organs.

  1. Consume high fiber foods

According to a health, expert states that eating foods that have a high fiber content such as fruits, vegetables, grains and also nuts are helpful to the digestive process, when the digestion process is safe then there is work from the stomach as well will be more secure and healthy.

That’s some ways or tips that we can make reference when we want to try to maintain stomach health. Various kinds of diseases caused by the infection of the stomach such as gastritis, typhoid, and others. The disease is quite serious. So to be able to avoid the disease must be diligent to maintain health. Wish all this article is useful for readers, especially for readers who want themselves to be protected from various problems related to digestion.


Winter is a good thing for one side and disaster for another side. Your skin condition will be drier than before when winter comes. One of the most targeted is your lips. You will find that your lips become dry and chapped painfully. Before winter comes, you need to prepare some treatment so there will be no skin health problem appear in winter.

Healthy Treatment To Prevent Chapped Lips In Winter

When winter nearly comes, you can prepare some treatment to keep your lips hydrated. In that way, there will be no chapped lips which will damage your lips again. Here is the best treatment that can be prepared:

  • Lip Balm

For the most important thing that must be prepared in winter is the lip balm. You can even make your lip balm at home. You can use honey for your lip balm in the morning and before going sleep at night. If it is not enough, you can even bring it along when you are going out. It is 100% approved that honey will keep your lips hydrated well.


  • Lip Scrub

When your lips are dry, so there will be so many dead skins. It is too bad to let dead skin keep stay on your skin. That is why you need a lip scrub. Moreover, you can even get more moisture by routinely scrubbing it. You can make a lip scrub from almond oil and sugar. Rub your lips gently by those scrub to get off the dead skin. On the other hand, you can also apply the mix of sugar and honey on your lip. Then, use the softest brush to scrub it well on your lips.


  • Water

To keep your lips hydrated, you need to watch your water consumption. Water is genuinely the best nutrients to keep your skin hydrated.


What will you eat today? The egg is one of the recommended food which is good for your supply. Moreover, some people even called egg as a superfood. It contains high nutrients which are good for your health. Then, you can also take eggs as your diet plan. Besides, there are also other benefits of consuming eggs for your health. The benefits have been analyzed well and showed that eggs are incredibly good for your health.

The Best Benefits Of Egg For Your Health

There are a lot of benefits that can be taken when you eat more eggs. Here are the best benefits of eggs for your health:

  1. Eggs Help to Raise Good Cholesterol

HDL which is High-Density Lipoprotein is a good cholesterol. You need this kind of cholesterol to balance your health. Moreover, eggs have high cholesterol which can help the HDL level in your body rising up.


  1. Eggs Help to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Since you get enough HDL, your body will of from the risk of heart disease. In fact, the egg has low LDL but high in HDL. It means that eggs are safe to consume in balancing your heart condition.


  1. Eggs Will Not Affect Your Blood Cholesterol

Although eggs are high in cholesterol, it will not affect your blood cholesterol. How could be? Your liver naturally will produce cholesterol. If you consume a certain portion of eggs, so it will help your liver to stop producing more cholesterol. This situation will not affect n your blood cholesterol, so it is still safe for your health.


  1. Eggs are Good for Losing Weight

As mentioned before, eggs are the perfect choice for your diet plan. Why? Because it will help you less starving and feel full of high good nutrients.


The armpits may be hidden and not exposed every time. But, the armpits are the ones that will also boost your confidence. By having the clean, bright armpits you can get your boosted confidence and be happy in doing your work. But, unfortunately, some of your daily habits can cause damage to the armpit skin. In this case, the discoloration of your armpit skin is due to its very sensitive condition. Thus, it will be irritated easily and causing many things that will give impact as a discoloration on your skin. Therefore, you need to understand what things that cause the armpit discoloration.

The Reasons Of Armpits Discoloration

It’s obvious that you don’t want to get dark armpits as you will lose your confidence in your daily activities. Especially for the women, having dark armpits mean you cannot wear the sleeveless clothes ever again. Therefore, you need to understand some things that will cause the discoloration so you can avoid them.

  1. Shaving and waxing take the most credit for the armpit discoloration. In this case, these activities will irritate the skin on your armpit and thus cause the darkened area there. Therefore, make sure you have anti-irritant gel for your armpits when shaving.
  2. Dead skin cells that are built upon your skin can also cause discoloration. If you don’t clean your body thoroughly when you take a bath, there is a high chance that the dead skin is still there on your body. Thus, scrubbing and cleaning your body is a recommended thing.
  3. When you shave your skin, the hair beneath your skin will grow. In this case, the growth of the dark hair can give impact to your skin surface. Therefore, the surface of your skin will appear darker.

After understanding some of the reasons why you get dark armpits, now you can start to live healthy by doing the right method of cleaning and scrubbing your skin. Therefore, you’ll have bright skin!


Mites are parasitic insects that can live on the human body that attacks the body and sucks the person infected with mites. With a body size of approximately 2.3–3.6 mm, mites can live on clothing and furniture and will move to the human body as new homes when mites are mature. Because of this nature, mites are rarely detected on the surface of the skin, so the patient is confused about the cause of skin irritation that happened due to dust mite bites.

How To Identify Dust Mites Bites Symptoms?

Know the common symptoms of dust mite bites. When the mites eat and perch on our skin, we will feel an allergic reaction. This reaction comes with features such as; very intense itching, red dots or spots on the skin, thickened or dark skin, a rash on the skin, especially in the armpit and waist area. Then, check your skin and find signs of irritation. Skin irritation may be caused by bites or by repeated scratching, and both are indicative of mites. Repeated scratching can also cause blistering of the skin and may lead to bacterial or fungal infections. Make sure that you also check the area of the waistline, upper thigh, and especially groin. Check the presence of mites on the skin. Sometimes mites can be seen while sucking blood on human skin. Although this is unusual, it is worth checking for mites on your waistline, upper thighs, and armpit area. All sites have the same size, shape, and color of the body, which is the size of a poppy seed. Observe areas of skin that may be irritated. Observe areas of dark skin or calloused or thickened. A magnifying glass can be helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

By knowing the shape and nature of the mites, you are expected to do the above so that you do not experience dust mite bites.


Maintaining a healthy hair and keeping it from hair loss is important. You can use a combination of natural ingredients as the substitute of shampoo. These materials are very easy to get and the way of the process is also simple. In addition, the natural content of herbal ingredients and without chemical compounds also make your hair much healthier.

Natural Ingredients As Substitute For Shampoo

People in ancient times do not know shampoo like the people this time, but they still have healthy and beautiful hair. What was the material they used to clean their hair at that time? Here are the three herbs combination that you can make as replacement of shampoo when you clean your hair.

  1. Baking Soda and Almond Oil

Baking soda works to reduce the buildup of chemicals on the scalp, while almond oil serves as a conditioner. Combine baking soda, water, and oil. Apply from scalp to the tip of your hair. Massage your scalp and let stand for up to 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

  1. Lemon and Cucumber

The citric acid in lemons helps you break down the soap buildup so as to increase the luster of your hair. Cucumbers provide a cooling effect that soothes the scalp and softens every strand of hair. Combine lemon juice and cucumber juice then apply on using cotton on your scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains anti-bacterial, antiseptic, emollients that help clean the scalp, control the production of excess oil, nourish hair strands, and stimulate hair growth. For that, you no longer need to use shampoo when shampooing.

That is a natural ingredient that you can use as a substitute of shampoo. You can avoid the chemicals substances that exist in shampoo and hair shine healthier. It also cost less than when you bought shampoo from the market.