Brighten Lips to Natural Red

Lips are one part of the face that attracts attention. Healthy and pure red lips will add value to your beauty. Chapped lips are very disturbing the appearance of your lips, chapped lips identical to the state the sick condition. Dry lip also one of the unsightly lip. Many people are trying to moisten his lips with a lick. But it only wet the lips temporarily, even the wet lips can catch the dust around. Also, there are dark or blackened lips. Dark lips will certainly reduce your beauty level.

Red and Bright Lips As Charisma of Beauty

Lip beauty products such as Lipstick, can brighten and make the lips more red and beautiful. But excessive use of lipstick can make your lips dry slowly because in the lipstick there are various chemical contents. For an alternative use of lipstick, you can wear lip balm or lip gloss. Dry, cracked lips are common in some people, due to lack of vitamin C and lack of fluid (dehydration). Drinking water every day can prevent your lips from dry, cracked, and rough. To moisten the lips naturally, we can use natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, and lime. Natural ingredients can maintain skin cells that can brighten the lips.

The prohibition for women to brighten their lips is to smoke. Nicotine content which is contained in a cigarette makes the pigment on the lips becomes dark or black. In addition to the use of cigarettes, consumption of coffee or tea can also darken the color of your lips. Another thing that makes your lip look blackened is sun exposure. Alternative use of lipstick, such as lip gloss and lip balm are containing SPF can protect your lips from exposure to sunlight. Do not let dry lips or dark lips disturb your appearance. Always keep and care your lips to look beautiful every time.