Breast Cancer Prevention You Should Take to Avoid It

As the women, we sure have the risk of having breast cancer. And, the good news that we can lower the risk of suffering breast cancer. What we can do is to get many information and understand what we can do to reduce our breast cancer risk. The main key to avoid breast cancer is to start healthy living habit. In fact, some risk factors cannot be changed. In this case, we should have high concern about this deathly cancer by having healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Living for Reducing Breast Cancer

The first prevention you should take is to know your family history of breast cancer. In fact, the risk factor caused by genetic cannot be reduce by any prevention. In addition, Healthy living is such a great investment to our life, especially in health life. Changing our habits into the healthy one can also contribute to reduce the risk of breast cancer. And, we can start from small things. If you are a drunker, try to get rid of it. In fact, the more you drink, the more high risk of breast cancer. In addition, many medical studies has proven that smoking is not good for your health. Next, breast feeding may be the most effective breast cancer prevention, because long-term breast feeding helps to protect your breast from cancer.


As you know that body weight is one of the risks of breast cancer. Being overweight may increase you risk, so you should have a great weight management. . Doing so many physical activities can also reduce your risks of breast cancer. Studies say that women who do exercise at least 30 minutes a day have lower breast cancer risk. Physical activity also helps you to maintenance your weight. Balancing the exercise with consuming lots of fruits and vegetables also helps you to lower the risk of breast cancer.