December 2017



Tubidy mp3 is a website where you can download various songs from various countries and artists. It is a website where you can download songs for free and it is easy to use. Listening to the music is one of most favorite hobbies for many people. They listen to the music anytime and anywhere. In this modern era, you can listen to the music from your smartphone. Years ago, people still used Walkman to listen to the music. With smartphone or iPod, you can download songs and listen from them. We will recommend you 2 best albums in 2017.

Best Albums 2017 On Tubidy Mp3

The first album which makes it to the top 50 albums on Tubidy mp3 is Ctrl SZA. The album was released in June 2017. Ctrl, which can be pronounced as ‘Control’, is her debut album. The most popular singles from the album are Drew Barrymore, Love Galore, and The Weekend. SZA participated a lot in this album. Before she makes debut as a singer, she often composed a lot of song for other artists. Actually, she already debuted years ago with some EPs. However, all of them failed to enter the chart. As the name suggests, SZA inspired by the lack of control in her life. She said that this album is the way to satisfy herself.

Who doesn’t know Jay Z? One of the best rappers in this world makes his comeback through his thirteenth studio album at the end of June this year. Although his affair with another woman makes people angry at him Jay Z can get his image again with 4:44. Singles from this album are 4:44 and Bam. This album received a good review from critics. Jay Z put a lot of personal and emotional content on this album. You can download both Ctrl and 4:44 album on Tubidy mp3. Check other albums on


sony firmware update

Some Canon digital camera nowadays has built-in Wi-Fi functionality. This feature can eliminate the need for a physical interface cable when you want to connect it to your own computer. This Canon software is necessary whenever you want to transfer and load pictures from your camera. By using this software, you can transfer many pictures from your camera to your PC even if you’re not near it. The important thing is you should connect to the same Wi-Fi access point or router as your PC. The devices will detect and communicate each other. If you need this feature, you should download the software first so you can manage the connection and transfer the pictures and videos from your camera to your PC wirelessly.

Installing Canon Software

When you want to install Canon software, the first thing that you should do is select your download location on the website. The page will list all countries where the software can be download and install. After that, filter your product. You can filter this by four different list filters which are “Product Category”, “Product Series”, “Product Model”, and “Type of Document”. This step will lead you to get the correct software. After the filter, you need to select your PC system. You directions be guided to a page where you should choose the appropriate operating system for your PC.

Then, download the camera software by clicking on this “Download” button. You have to insert your camera’s serial of number to download this video. Canon will verify the number if it is a valid Canon digital camera. You can locate the number from its box or fro, the camera itself. After you enter the serial number, the download will begin. When the download process finished, install the Canon software and follow the instructions to complete the installation. You can download the software from


Health care

Do you like to move your body and feel so fresh all day? There are several types of busy nowadays. It is not busy who move the body often only but also the busy of sitting while thinking or do anything else. Office people with a full-time job will be a busy people who will rarely move. You should know it is not good for you who never move your body or passive physically. You will need to move for the sake of health. See the importance as follow.

You Should Move Your Body More Often

Moving your body is like making your body always active and work well. You know it is like you have shoes but never wear it and only save it in the cupboard. Then, you will set the shoes is rotten and damage faster than you wear it. You know, it is not easy to only take care the shoes without wearing it as normal. It is like your body that needs to move and use it should be. Your body will be paralyzing soon if you do not use the body often. Using the body too often will not damage it but thru opposite; you will make your body healthier and fresh. Then, you know what I mean, right?

You should give a little time for a day to move. You just walk and do some move to make your body active and fresh. Afterward, you can continue to do your business without disturbance. So, what move do you do this day? Do not skip it again and be healthier from now on. Love your body like you love your job. Tell your friends who are too much love to not move and stay in the same position for hours. He or she can be healthier and gorgeous if moving.


bromo tour package

Hi, do you want to visit the beautiful mount Bromo next holidays? Well, you can try this Bromo tour with several packages that will be your best options. Maybe you do not really know about this Mount Bromo in Malang, Indonesia. If you are bored with all the beaches in tropical countries; you can try this beautiful Mount Bromo with trusted tour organizer. Well, do you want to know more about the tour and the mount Bromo? You may read it as follow.

Let Us Visit Mount Bromo With Bromo Tour Packages

How long will you visit the Mount Bromo? There will be several options for the packages you can choose. You will get the best hotel and several programs. There will be packages of two days one-night tour, three days two nights tour, three days and two nights’ tour in different areas or destinations and so on. You will get the best view of mount Bromo if you use the Bromo tour package. For your information, the tour not only will give you the view of Mount Bromo but also Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater. If you choose the right package, you will see the crater and other beautiful places. You will have the package to go to Bali and Yogyakarta too.

Furthermore, you will see the gorgeous view of Borobudur temple or other temples around the places. If you want to watch the sunrise from the mount Bromo; you will find the package too. You just need to request what you need and you will get it. Then, how to get the package? I will give you the link to go to the website page of the organizer. You may click now for more detail packages info. Thus, that is all and I wish you will have fun at Bromo.


2018 Ford

After several factories originating from the United States decided to leave the Indonesian car market due to not being able to compete with cars from other countries, this did not apply to ford cars, which turned out to which is the latest car company in Indonesia finally has inaugurated the latest car with commercial and multifunction truck segments. The latest car that has been issued by for one of them is ford ranger. This car in Indonesia competes greatly with other luxury cars such as Nissan and Mitsubishi cars that have been the first release. Although the inauguration has been far behind from Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi new Triton, it was launched simultaneously with the mat Indonesia international motor show in 2017.

Ford Ranger As One Of 2018 Ford Cars In Indonesia

Ford Ranger is a mobile with the latest variant of the ranger series which has previously been legendary and has a performance that has been recognized by the European world. The best features of ford ranger, so it can have a performance that deserves thumbs up, is ford cars are circulating in Indonesia with two versions of a single cabin and double cabin. Ford Ranger comes up with a new concept that makes the look of his ford body to look mighty. It is also because ford targeting the commercial truck segment that certainly when we have a palm oil business would need a truck at once can be off road, then choose ford ranger is a very appropriate choice.

Still discussing the characteristics of one of ford ranger car which is the headlamp maco and his face is frightening Look at the front grille has a large size with a spoiler and fog lamp at the front end by offering seven types for the Indonesian market makes us will be able to have many options. Starting from a car that has a spacious cabin up to that only has one cabin only by using a manual transmission power supplied by turbocharger engine technology. That’s some of the reviews about one of Ford cars, to review other ford cars can open at


care home furniture

There is good news for who need a care home furniture or supplies. You will get the best and modern furniture with high quality after you get the information here. By the way, what furniture do you need? Is it a sofa? Bedside? Or may it be a lifting aid? If you think your table or sofas need the lifting; you can have it in the same place too. Well, you should continue to read the whole information about the shop here. Check them out as follow.

The Best Care Home Furniture Provider Here For You

If you see your furniture such as sofa, couch, bed, lighting and so on looks boring; you could replace them with the new ones. In the shop that we are talking about here, you will find many types of furniture with the best quality and of course, it is modern. You will see how sophisticated and gorgeous the furniture is. Care home furniture is also provided in the same place. You will find many lifting aids for your sofa, bed riser or furniture risers in different shape and price. You could choose one of the perfect lifting’s for your furniture. Then, you will find many other types of furniture with different style and theme only for you.

So, what do you need the most related to furniture now? Maybe you can directly go to the shop and get all you want. You even can get several writings about useful tips there. So, for you who just want to look around; you can still visit the website page of the shop. Ok, where is the link? You should click the link to the page here to go to the shop. Click now and you can see your needs there. Thus, those are the info about a care home for you.


Health care

Are you a vegan and need to know more about it? Well, some people have trough many things in their life to be vegans. Some people have been vegetarians for a while and then try to be vegans. You are good to start the good thing in your life. If you still worry about your decision; you can continue to read this article and see if this a good decision or not. Ok, you will find several tips and information about vegans in the paragraphs as the following.

How Vegans Beginners Start The New Life

You will find many odd things around you related to the foods and fashion. Ok, about the fashion maybe you will never find any animals cruelty like the fur on the coats. However, you will still need to calm yourself about the foods. If you used to be the meat lovers such as chicken the white meat or beef as the red meat; you should know that staying away from them is not easy. Since you have to stay away from any animal’s things such as milk, eggs, cheese, a cake made with eggs and cheese and so on. You will not use anything related to animals. Then, what should you do?

Ok, as a vegan, it is your risk to always find the foods with an animal in it such as cake or even a salad with mayonnaise. You should start to cook your own foods and find the best vegans restaurant around your place. Some restaurant will give you the best foods with the identical meat taste but it is not meet at all. So, what do you think? You just need to be more concern with anything you eat and drink. Ok, you can start it slowly but surely. Good luck and I wish you will be a good vegan.


tutuapp apk

Tutuapp Apk is an application that will let you download for free certain premium application and games that usually not for free on play store. With tutuapp, you can easily download many premium games, download modified games for free, enjoy premium services, updates your games on the application, and also get the latest mod of every game you have. With this simple and easy to use application, now you don’t need to pay for money to try out premium games, and you can also enjoy the easiness and amazing modified game experience. You can get several benefits you can get from tutuapp, where you can’t find it on somewhere else. Compared with any other hacking tools and application, Tutuapp is one app that is completely free, yet gives you exclusive services. Tutuapp is completely free to use, free to download, and you can enjoy every one of our hacking services for free.

What Are Benefits Of Tutuapp Apk Hack Application?

With this amazing hack application, you can hack into several android games, change the game system at your will, and give you whole new experience. Hacking into the game isn’t hard anymore, and everyone can do it using this simple, and a tiny application called tutuapp Apk. There are several games that can be hacked from our application, like Pokémon go, angry birds, gunship battle, N.O.V.A legacy, and many more. Now, you can enjoy all of these game for free, and of course, enjoy it on modified versions. Trust us, modified versions are twice more fun than the original versions.

To download the latest versions of a tutuapp hack, you can find it only on our official website. You can’t download it anywhere else, as it is now excluded from our website. Here, you can directly download it here, install it on your android phone, and enjoy hacking into several games and enjoy your premium services. Our tutuapp Apk is completely free from any harmful malware and virus.


New Year will be coming soon, why don’t you get a new car? For the next year, there are a lot of types of car that will be released. There will be various 2018 car release. From pickup trucks, SUV, and many more. Among all these types. SUV car still become a favorite one. For the next year market, you can also find so many SUV cars from various brand. From the luxury with a high price to affordable one. Then, Audi will be the second recommendation for a car in 2018. Audi will release some series in 2018, one of the best choices is 2018 Audi A5 Sportback. It will be built with an all-wheel drive in 2.0 liter and 4 cylinders of turbocharged. The price will be various which starts from $42,600 to $54,275.

2018 Car Release Recommendation

In various 2018 car release, there are three products from a different brand which are recommended. For the first recommendation is 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio. This car has the best engine performance which will be built in 4 cylinders of turbocharged. The engine will be combined with 8 speed of ZF transmission and all-aluminum suspension. With these features, the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio will give new driving experience. It has expected a price around $42,990 to $50,000.

On the other hand, you can also choose 2018 BMW X3 for your new car. The new BMW X3 will come in two versions which is X3 M40i and X3 xDriver30i. For X3 M40i, it is built in 3.0 liter with inline 6 that can accelerate to 369 lb-ft torque. Meanwhile, the X3 xDriver30i will be built in 2.0 liter and 4 cylinders of turbocharged. The estimated price of this car is around $43,445 to $55,395. You can also visit for more recommendation of the best car.


Health life

It is no secret that washing hands has become one of the essential things to do when we want to maintain our health. We need to wash our hands regularly to make sure that our hands be free from any germ and bacteria which may lead us to illness and other problems. As the most part of our body that may likely to spread sickness, there is no doubt that we need to wash it regularly to prevent any problem. Now, here are some things you must do and don’t when washing hands.

Things You Must Do And Don’t When Washing Hands

Let’s start with the things that you must do when you wash your hands. First, you must wash your hands every time you prepare foods or before eating. To make sure that our dirty hands contaminated our foods, we must wash it first before we prepare our meals or before we have meals. Second, you must also wash your hands before you treat wounds, give medicine or care someone who is sick or injured. The reason is similar to the first one. Next, you must wash both of your hands before you insert or remove your contact lenses as well.

Then, what should we do not do when it comes to washing hands? You should not wash your hands without applying bar, powder or liquid soap. It is always better to use soap when you are washing your hands. Moreover, you must not scrub your hands on some parts only. You must scrub all your hands surface to make sure that there is no part that is not cleaned well. Afterwards, you should not turn off your faucet by using your hands after washing hands. If possible, you can use a towel or simply use your elbow to do the duty.


chinese restaurants near me open now

Are you in love with Chinese foods? Chinese traditional foods usually can be found in the Chinese restaurants that offer you many menus of Chinese foods. Of course, when you really want to find the Chinese food, looking for information about Chinese restaurants near me open now would be a good solution. From looking for the best restaurants for Chinese food, you will get the best recommendation for your meals. Then, what are kinds of meals that you can get only by looking for the recommendations? If you are curious about this information, please read the following paragraphs.

Chinese Restaurants Near Me Open Now And The Recommended One

When you are looking for information of the Chinese restaurants near me open now, means that you do not need to worry about the things related to the restaurants. Once you search the keyword on your search engine, you will find much information there related to the recommended restaurants. Yes, you will get the information about the rating of the restaurants and you will also know the menu that you can get there. Of course, it will make you easier to find the right restaurants where you will visit to spend your mealtime with Chinese food.

You will also get the right direction to the place where you want to visit. Then, you will not only get the information about the menu, but you will also know the price list of the menu. So, you also can prepare the budget that you should bring along with you. Make sure that you choose the right Chinese restaurants while looking for any information about the restaurants open near you. Do not forget to consider all things that you need and you want from the restaurants. That is all the information about Chinese restaurants near me open now. Hope you like it.


PointClickCare Login

There are so many parts of your life in which you need to prepare for any condition. One of them is when you have to decide which kind of business you are going to run. But, do you know that the senior care is a business you can choose to run? In this case, you will need extra attention to getting best business. Make sure you get your PointClickcare login if you want to find something great for the business. This is one of the leading software in which you will find easiness and simplicity for doing your activities and business. So, if you are attracted, you can try using this software.

Benefits Of Using Pointclickcare Login

When it comes to you to choose the best service, you will find it in PointClickCare login. Make your account and you can run your business easily. The software will enable you to control all things related to your business. So, you will not have to do manual jobs. The main function of taking care of the elders is also getting easier. Therefore, you will find it perfect for your business. The perfection will come with the easy system that is so helpful for you.

There are many benefits offered when you choose this software as your partner for business in senior care. When you choose using this software, you can consider something that will bring easiness and effectiveness in using them for your business. The software will give you many functions, such as the service and support for your business and also the database of the elders in the system. This will be extra safe and will give you perfection. So, you will not need to do any advanced steps for documenting and also managing the administrative things with services from


roblox login

The development of the era supported by the highly developed technology has brought us to a world full of sophisticated technology, with advanced technology has helped us in facilitating some activities that concern our lives. One of them is with the development of technology, also developed the computer that had computer slowness to process into a computer that has advanced technology with maximum speed. Likewise, in the game world, with the development of the era then emerged a variety of games ranging from easy to difficult, ranging from for children up to adults, ranging from offline to games that use the online system, one game which uses the online system is Roblox.

Learn More About Roblox

Roblox is one of the online games that have a lot of interest, it was once a game that can only be used by computer devices only, so this game has an inflexible shortcoming to play, but with the development of the times, this type of game we can play in handphone Android and can be downloaded using play store very easily. Almost everyone has known that this type of game is very interesting and also funny. This type of game is also included in the game that can be played by children and adults, played by the children because this type of game has a funny icon so many kids who like this game, but because the difficulty level is quite difficult and challenging, this game is the usually also played by adults.

In addition to this game that can be played by children and adults, this type of game was apparently can be played with others because using the online system, so we can find the opponent to play with anyone who we want, both in the country and who already manca Country. That’s some of the advantages of this type of game. To be able to use it, we can visit his web page at, there are so many different ways to be able to login to account we have.


Big Lots Patio Furniture Clearance

Have you ever visited Big Lots Patio Furniture clearance? There are many discounts for patio furniture. Good patio furniture in your outdoor spaces will brings function and comfort. With an easy-to-use and spacious table, as well as cozy chairs will transform a basic brick patio in your home into an Instagrameble spot. Outfit a comfortable patio with a classic sofa or a wicker chair which stocked with soft cushions and your patio will become a good spot during warm weather.

How To Choose Patio Furniture In Big Lots Patio Furniture Clearance

The first thing that you do when you want to go to Big Lots Patio Furniture clearance is by thinking about how you would like your patio to function. Would you like to create your patio as a peaceful reading nook during summer nights? Would you like to create your patio as your second family room? Or would you like to create it as a dining area during warm weather? Make a list of what would you do on the patio and use it as your guide in determining what kind of patio furniture to buy. Don’t forget to measure the size of the patio.

The next tip is to choose the furniture which has good material and easy to maintain. If you only choose the furniture based on your taste, there is a chance to buy the wrong furniture with the wrong material. Choose the patio furniture which made of teak, metal, cedar, and all-weather wicker. These materials are unfazed by the weather and nature. Moreover, those good materials also look wonderful and last long for years. The last tip on choosing patio furniture is by taking a seat before you buy. This is a must whenever you buy furniture for patio, living room, bedroom, etc. If you already found one that fulfills these tips in Big Lots Patio Furniture clearance, buy it right now!


Health tips

It is not debatable that people awareness related health increase as the fear to be suffered because of certain diseases. To aim this goal, people develop many things such as taking healthy foods, doing regular exercises, arranging rests well, and sometimes they also try new solutions called consuming herbs in their daily lives. For Indonesian people, however, are very familiar to consume herbs daily. They believe that herbs contain some important materials to support health, the difference between herbs and chemical medicine is that herbs have fewer side effects so that they do not need to worry taking these materials render.

New Habit of Consuming Herbs

In common, the habits to consume herb can be found by the ancestors who drink a traditional drink called Jamu in many times before. However, these traditional herb drinks are made by cutting the herbs into small pieces, boiling the herbs to let the important content releases. After that, they need to separate the residual and liquid. It is very easy to find Curcuma or tamarind drinks in their environment no matter would that means. They believe after consuming this drink, the health is better than before.

On the other hand, today some industries develop a new method of packaging herbs. They consider by taking herbs into liquid forms will make it have a short shelf life. Thus, they need to eliminate water component. As the result, the formation of herbs extract or capsule can be found easily today. Through this new form, people also have ore easiness to take it daily. They will obtain the functions in very easy ways since they only require taking the pills or water into the extract once they want to have it. Through this thing, the health can be supported in very easy ways. Lots of selection of herbs are also available in the case to meet people expectancies related to this need.